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Ideal Stage Weight for Bikini Competitors

Here I go letting all the secrets out again.  I’ve become a bit of a statistics nerd since learning to build my own database for my bikini prep business.  One thing I’ve been looking at lately is the ideal stage weight for bikini competitors. I’ve always had a good feel for what the ideal weight […]

Bikini Competition Diet Series: How to Calculate Your Macros (revised)

This is an expansion on a very, very simplified article I wrote 3 1/2 years ago on how to set up your Bikini Competition Diet Macros.  I’ve been hesitant to get too in depth with this since adjusting a diet is really an ongoing process, and you need to know when to leave things alone […]

Bikini Competition Diet Series: IIFYM or “Clean Eating” for Competitors?

Should a bikini competition diet utilize IIFYM (if it fits your macros) or the ever popular “clean eating”? This is going to be a brief one since I don’t really even consider this a worthwhile topic to blog about, aside from the fact that its a popular one that people are searching for information on. […]

Are you ready for a REAL online bikini contest prep coach?

UPDATE: We have made some structural adjustments/improvements and are now able to take on non-competitors and those a bit further away from being stage-ready!  Click here to inquire if interested. As many of you probably know, several months ago I made the move to strictly working as a local and online bikini contest prep coach, […]

Bikini Competition Dieting: Building your Metabolism

April 21, 2014 UPDATE to this article:  Looks like my recommendations below have caught on quite a bit since having written this article 1.5 years ago, and as usual trainers/coaches have gone off the deep end with their recommendations, and readers with what they believe.  I will be revising the article soon but just want […]

Jess Sicoly Turns Pro after 8 weeks with NLPT!

Jess and I began working together about 8 weeks prior to back to back shows (OPA Winston Invitational, Coburg, Ontario, October 20 2012 & Fitness STAR Model Search World Championships, Toronto Ontario, Oct 21 2012).  She had previously competed in Figure (placed 2nd and 4th) in 2009 and Athletic Fitness Model Division (2nd place) in […]

Figure and Bikini Contest Prep Guide to Gas and Bloating

Just because its “clean” when you eat it doesn’t mean it’s going to be clean coming out the other end. That’s what I should have named this article. But seriously, it’s not uncommon when suddenly moving from the typical American diet to the average bikini contest prep diet to experience some gas/bloating. I think some […]

Refeeds for Figure and Bikini Prep?

See if this scenario sounds familiar: Your figure or bikini coach has had you dieting pretty hard and nonstop for weeks.  You made some good progress at first, strength/performance in the gym was okay for a while, energy throughout the day wasn’t too terrible all things considered, and you still liked asparagus.  Then as the […]

5 Keys to Bikini Competition Glutes

When I say bikini competition glutes, I mean the kind that deserve to win, not the loose, jiggly ones I see scoring trophies at amateur level competitions these days.  Do you want glutes that look tight while you’re walking onstage or do you want to jiggle around up there until you’re fully flexed?  Because I’m […]

Carb Cycling for Bikini and Figure Competitors Part 3: Setting up a Carb Cycle

In this final installment, I’m going to take you through the steps of setting up a carb cycle for figure or bikini competition.  As mentioned in Part 2, I don’t really see the point in carb cycling much sooner than about 6 weeks or so out from a contest, although I have occasionally used it […]

Carb Cycling for Bikini Competitors Part 2

Okay I think I’m probably about 2-3 weeks late writing part 2 of Carb Cycling for Bikini Competitors, but I re-checked and google still has little to offer on the subject.  Not that its google’s fault.  I love google. So I realized after re-reading part 1 that I never really bothered to explain what Carb […]

Carb Cycling for Bikini Competitors: Part 1

Okay, looks like I’m finally fired up enough about something that I may have to write my first blog post in 5 months.  Every once in a while I like to pretend I’m a bikini competitor (this isn’t going where you think it is…get your head out of the gutter) looking for relevant contest prep […]

Figure and Bikini Competitor Q&A: Initial Weight Gain With Strength Training

Q: I just switched to lifting heavier weights a few days ago. Why am I a pound heavier? A:This is a question many figure and bikini competitors have asked after beginning a traditional strength training (i.e. lift a relatively heavy weight for several reps, rest 60 seconds, repeat until muscle group is toast) program either […]
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