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Bikini Competition Diet Series: How to Calculate Your Macros (revised)

This is an expansion on a very, very simplified article I wrote 3 1/2 years ago on how to set up your Bikini Competition Diet Macros.  I’ve been hesitant to get too in depth with this since [...]

Bikini Competition Dieting: Building your Metabolism

April 21, 2014 UPDATE to this article:  Looks like my recommendations below have caught on quite a bit since having written this article 1.5 years ago, and as usual trainers/coaches have gone off [...]

Refeeds for Figure and Bikini Prep?

See if this scenario sounds familiar: Your figure or bikini coach has had you dieting pretty hard and nonstop for weeks.  You made some good progress at first, strength/performance in the gym was [...]

5 Keys to Bikini Competition Glutes

When I say bikini competition glutes, I mean the kind that deserve to win, not the loose, jiggly ones I see scoring trophies at amateur level competitions these days.  Do you want glutes that [...]

Carb Cycling for Bikini and Figure Competitors Part 3: Setting up a Carb Cycle

In this final installment, I’m going to take you through the steps of setting up a carb cycle for figure or bikini competition.  As mentioned in Part 2, I don’t really see the point [...]

Carb Cycling for Bikini Competitors Part 2

Okay I think I’m probably about 2-3 weeks late writing part 2 of Carb Cycling for Bikini Competitors, but I re-checked and google still has little to offer on the subject.  Not that its [...]

Carb Cycling for Bikini Competitors: Part 1

Okay, looks like I’m finally fired up enough about something that I may have to write my first blog post in 5 months.  Every once in a while I like to pretend I’m a bikini competitor (this isn’t [...]

Figure and Bikini Competitor Q&A: Initial Weight Gain With Strength Training

Q: I just switched to lifting heavier weights a few days ago. Why am I a pound heavier? A:This is a question many figure and bikini competitors have asked after beginning a traditional strength [...]

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